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System Requirements

System PC: Windows XP (SP3) / Vista / 7
Harddiskspace 600 MB
Processor Intel Celeron 2,6 GHz or better
Graphics 3D Accelerator Card: nVidia Geforce 8400 GS or better (> 128 MB VRAM)
Network Internet connection required for login & updates

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For questions or comments please contact us at support@playludwig.com




Can I simply download and play Ludwig?

Yes. You can download, install and play Ludwig on an unlimited number of computers. Provided you do not enter a licence key, you can play the restricted demo version. To download and play Ludwig, you need a free-of-charge user profile.


  1. Click in the main menu on HOME.
  2. Click on PLAY NOW.
  3. Click on the REGISTER link.
  4. Fill out the registration form in full.
  5. Click on REGISTER.
  6. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you have specified.
  7. In the confirmation mail, click on the confirmation link.
  8. If you have not received the confirmation e-mail, please first check your spam folder. If you cannot find your e-mail in your spam folder, please click here to be sent the confirmation e-mail again.


  1. Click in the main menu on HOME.
  2. Click on PLAY NOW.
  3. Enter your user name and password and click on the LOGIN AND DOWNLOAD button.
  4. Read through the minimum system prerequisites carefully and activate the checkbox at "I have read the system prerequisites".
  5. Click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button.
  6. Run the LudwigSetup_X.X.exe file. (X.X stands for the current version number of the Ludwig setup) and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.
  7. After having installed Ludwig successfully, start it via the Windows start menu or the link on the desktop.

Is Ludwig running on my computer?

 Please check the following system prerequisites:

SYSTEM PC: Windows XP (SP3) / Vista / 7
PROCESSOR Intel Celeron 2,6 GHz or higher
GRAPHICS CARD DirectX 9.0c compatible 3D graphics card with at least 128MB VRAM
e.g.: nVidia GeForce 8400 GS / ATI Radeon HD 2400 or higher
NETWORK Internet connection required for registration and updates
OTHER Mouse with scroll wheel, sound output

Please note that Ludwig is NOT OPTIMIZED for integrated graphic chips like Intel HD Graphics or similar. (mostly built into laptops).

When you start Ludwig, a simple system test is automatically carried out. If one of the tested conditions is not fulfilled, a warning is displayed. You can ignore the warning and start Ludwig anyway. However, errors and unforeseen behaviour may occur during the execution of Ludwig. If you are not sure what the warning means, please send a support query.

A detailed system test can be started manually. Proceed as follows:

  1. Start Ludwig
  2. Click on the CONFIGURATION link
  3. Click on the START SYSTEM TEST button

I have problems downloading the Ludwig updates. What can I do?

Please make sure that you have an active Internet connection when you start Ludwig. An active Internet connection is required for the start, login and saving of states of play during the game. If the download does not start properly within the specified period of time, the "Problems with download" link is displayed in the Ludwig updater.

  1. Click on the PROBLEMS WITH DOWNLOAD link.
  2. Follow the instructions in the troubleshooting wizard.

How can I configure my proxy server for use with Ludwig?

The Ludwig updater automatically uses the system settings. If access to the Internet on your computer is possible via any Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, or similar), then downloading the updates using the Ludwig updater should be no problem.

If on your system access to the Internet is still not possible for the Ludwig updater, then please contact your system administrator and ask for the correct settings for the proxy server configuration.

System administrators have to ensure the following:

  1. The policy on the router must allow access to www.playludwig.com via ports 80 and 443.
  2. Torrent protocol filter (if present) must have an exception for the connection to www.playludwig.com.

How can I configure my firewall for use with Ludwig?

When you start the Ludwig updater for the first time, your firewall will ask you whether to allow the connection to the LudwigUpdater.exe. Please confirm this query with YES to allow the Ludwig updater to communicate with the update server through your firewall.

If you answered this question with NO when you first started the updater, you have to subsequently create an exception for the LudwigUpdater.exe in your firewall. For more detailed information on adding exceptions, please refer to the documentation for your firewall.

How can I remove Ludwig from my computer?

To remove Ludwig from your computer completely, please proceed as follows:

  2. Click on the UNINSTALL PROGRAMS link.
  3. Enter “Ludwig” in the search field to the top right or look for Ludwig in the list of installed programmes.
  4. Select the LUDWIG entry.
  5. Click on UNINSTALL.

How can i run a network test?

If you encounter any problems with the game or the downloader, please run the network test. The network test will gather some basic informations about your system. Please include the results of this test when posting a support request.

How to run the network test:

  1. Start the Ludwig Updater.
  2. Click on CONFIGURATION on the lower border of the window.
  3. Click on START NETWORK TEST .
  4. Wait for the test to finish.
  5. Click on COPY RESULTS TO CLIPBOARD or SAVE RESULTS TO TEXTFILE and include the results in your support request.


How can I activate the full version of Ludwig?

To activate the full version of Ludwig, you have to enter a licence key in your personal user profile. There are different ways in which you can obtain a licence key:

Have you purchased your copy of the Ludwig CD ROM from a store?
The licence key is located on a sticker on the inside of the packaging.

Have you downloaded the Ludwig demo version from the website?
You can purchase a licence key from the online shop. The licence code will be sent to you by e-mail. 

You are a pupil at a school that has a Ludwig class licence?
Please ask your teacher for the licence key of the class licence.

How can I activate a licence key?

You can activate a licence key in your personal user profile.

  1. Click at the top right of the web page on LOGIN.
  2. Enter the licence key in the LICENCE KEY field.
  3. Please ensure that you enter the key correctly (capital and small letters, spaces, etc.).
  4. Click on ADD.


Do I have to register to play Ludwig?

Yes. A user profile is needed to register in play both for the free demo version and for the full version of Ludwig. It costs nothing to create a user profile.

You can install the free, but limited demo version on an unlimited number of computers. If you want to activate the full version, please purchase a licence key (either from the online shop or commercially). As soon as you have entered a licence key in your personal user profile, the full version is activated for you.

Is there a free demo version?

Yes. You can download Ludwig from the website at any time and install it on an unlimited number of computers. You have to create a free user profile to register in play.

Without a licence key, you can play the free, but limited demo version. If you want to activate the full version of Ludwig, please purchase a licence key (from the online shop or commercially) and enter it in your user profile.

How can I save my game progress?


  1. In your game world, please look for blue spinning SAVE POINTS.
  2. Move close to the save point until the SAVE button appears at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Press F or click on the button to save your state of play.

You can create three different save statuses in the game. Every time you start a new game or load a chapter, a new save status is created. If all three save statuses are occupied, you will be asked to delete one save status in order to create space for the new save status.

The save statuses are synchronised with your user profile. You can therefore log onto different computers with your personal login and your save statuses will be synchronised automatically. If the synchronisation does not work due to a network problem (e.g. Internet connection breaks during play), your save status will only be saved locally on the computer. The synchronisation will be reinstated when you save again or register again (provided that the Internet connection has been restored).

How can I continue a saved game?


When you start the game (and before you have saved a state of play), the CONTINUE option appears in the game menu.

  1. Click on CONTINUE to continue from the last state of play.

If you have created more than one state of play, you can select which game you want to load and continue.

  1. Select a save status from the list. Three save slots are available to you.
  2. Click on LOAD.
    The save statuses are automatically synchronised with your user profile. To do this, you need an active Internet connection when you start the game.

Can I jump direct to a chapter?


Yes. You can select and load any chapter at any time.

A new save status is created when you load a chapter. Up to three save slots are available to you. Every time you start a new game or load a chapter, a new save status is created. If all three save statuses are occupied, you will be asked to delete one save status in order to create space for the new save status.


This function is intended for players, who have already played all of Ludwig or for teachers, who want to skip to a particular point in the game. If you are playing Ludwig for the first time and want to enjoy the story completely, we recommend you do not use this function.

The game does not run smoothly. How can I adjust Ludwig to the performance of my computer?

To adjust Ludwig to the performance of your computer, you can choose from three different quality levels.

You can preset the quality level in the LUDWIG UPDATER.

  1. Click on CONFIGURATION.
  2. Select the quality level:
  6. Click on SAVE.

You can also adjust the quality level directly in play. Please note that it may take some time to reset the quality level. During this time the game does not respond to entries.

  1. Press ESC.
  2. Click on SETTINGS.
  3. Click on GRAPHICS.
  4. Select the quality level:

I am stuck in the game world. What can I do?

If Ludwig occasionally gets stuck in the game world and cannot free himself either by running or jumping, select the “Reset the position of Ludwig option” from the game menu. Ludwig will then be placed at a particular point not far away and you can continue the game.

  1. Press ESC.
  2. Click on RESET ROBOT.
    It should not happen that Ludwig gets stuck in the game world. Nonetheless, if you find a point where this problem occurs, please make a screenshot and send a support query. You will help us to remedy the problem in the next update. Many thanks!

How can I interact with objects?

To interact with an object, approach the coloured border surrounding the object and a coloured interaction button will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. This button will indicate what you can do with this object.

  1. Approach the object.
  2. Press F or click on the interaction button.

The different types of interactive objects can be recognised from their colour.

blue   You can collect this object.
Yellow   This is an object you need for a task.
Red   Tools magazines can be used to upgrade Ludwig’s gadgets
green   You can use this object.

How can I control Ludwig?

You can choose between two modes of controls. Both modes function with a mixture of mouse and keyboard. Experiment to find the mode that best corresponds to how you play. The control modes are explained in the Settings menu.

  1. Press ESC.
  2. Click on SETTINGS.
  3. Click on CONTROL.
  4. Select from

Additionally to the control modes, you can activate mouse control. With mouse control activated, you can click on the land and Ludwig will try to move to that spot. Ludwig will stop at obstacles. You can also interact with objects by clicking on them.

  • Click on the land to move Ludwig to that point.
  • Double-click on the land and Ludwig will run to that spot.
  • Click on interactive objects to interact with them.

What is the objective of the game?

Solve all the main tasks to move on through Ludwig’s story. As the game proceeds, you will expand your knowledge of physical principles and use them to solve the tasks.

You receive the tasks (quests) in the game at yellow or blue exclamation marks in the game world. Interact with these exclamation marks to accept the corresponding task. At yellow exclamation marks you receive the main tasks, which have to be completed to move on through the history of Ludwig. At the blue exclamation marks you receive optional secondary tasks.

  1. Approach the exclamation mark.
  2. Press F or click on the interaction button.

All accepted tasks will be listed both on the screen and log book. Here you can read a description of the task and check the current status.


Are there special licences for schools?

Yes. Special class licences are issued for schools. We work together with sponsors to make the class licences available to schools free of charge. The contingents for free class licences are limited. To find out whether a sponsorship campaign is currently running in your state, please visit the Ludwig online shop. There you will find all the information you need.

A class licence can be used for up to 30 pupils. The pupils can link their personal user profiles with the class licence so that they can play the full version of Ludwig. As a teacher, you are able to delete the pupils linked with a class licence. Every year or term, you can again use the class licence with new pupils.

I have a class licence key. How can I activate it?

If you have a class licence key as a teacher, please proceed as follows to activate the licence and share it with your pupils.

  1. Click on MY PROFILE to log in.
  2. If you do not yet have a user profile, please register first.
  3. Enter the class licence key in the corresponding field and click on ADD.
  4. The class licence will now appear on the list of your active licences. Click on the class licence to open the detailed view.
  5. Communicate the registration code, which appears in the class licence, to your pupils.
  6. All pupils must enter this registration code in their own user profile and will then occupy a slot in the class licence. The user names of the already entered pupils will be displayed on the list of the class licence.

You can delete pupils, who occupy a slot of your class licence, from that licence.

  1. Click on DELETE.
  2. To delete all pupils simultaneously, click on DELETE ALL USERS OF THIS CLASS LICENCE.

What do my students have to do to be able to play Ludwig?

So that your whole class can play Ludwig, you have to have a class licence. Up to 30 students can be entered in this class licence and thus play the full version of Ludwig. You have to communicate the registration code of your class licence to your students.

All pupils have to carry out the following steps:

  2. REGISTER in the user profile
  3. Enter the registration code in the REGISTRATION CODE field and click on ADD

As the holder of a class licence, you can manage the 30 slots in your user profile and remove users from the class licence. In this way you can re-use a class licence in the next school year or term with new pupils.

I am a student. How can I play the full version of Ludwig at school?

Ask your teacher for a registration code of a class licence. Your teacher has to have an activated class licence. If you have the registration code, you can enter it in your Ludwig user profile.

  1. Click on MY PROFILE.
  2. Log in or register if you do not yet have a user profile.
  3. Enter the registration code in the Registration code field and click on ADD.
  4. You’re ready. You can now play the full version of Ludwig.
    Your teacher can delete your class licence at the end of the school year or semester (or at any other time). If your licence has been deleted, you can play the free, but limited demo version of Ludwig. However, your states of play remain available. To be able to play the full version at home, you must either purchase a licence key from the Ludwig online shop or buy the CD ROM version commercially. Please ask your parents for help if you want to buy the licence key from the Ludwig online shop.

I am a system administrator. How can I update Ludwig on all computers simultaneously?

Ludwig is a client application. You therefore have to install Ludwig on each computer of your choice. Once installed, Ludwig uses a torrent protocol to optimise the download of updates via the local network. Proceed as follows:

  1. Start Ludwig on all computers and click on UPDATE (displays whether an update is available)
  2. Now run all computers simultaneously. An individual computer is selected as the master. This master loads the update from the Internet. All other computers are classified as slaves and do not retrieve the data from the Internet, but from the master via the local network. In this way, the Internet connection is not blocked by a number of computers downloading simultaneously. This system is managed fully automatically. If the master computer fails for some reason (computer is switched off or Ludwig closes), another computer is automatically selected as the master.
  3. As soon as all computers have installed the update, you can start Ludwig or terminate the Ludwig updater.