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System Requirements

System PC: Windows XP (SP3) / Vista / 7
Harddiskspace 600 MB
Processor Intel Celeron 2,6 GHz or better
Graphics 3D Accelerator Card: nVidia Geforce 8400 GS or better (> 128 MB VRAM)
Network Internet connection required for login & updates

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Version 0.2

11. November 2011

A map for every adventurer!

Welcome to the first official english version of Ludwig!

As a user of the english version you benefit from the first update which includes some new features as well as many enhancements and bugfixes. If you have a previous version of Ludwig installed on your computer, please deinstall it and download the new Ludwig Launcher.

version highlights:

  • Minimap incl. 4 stages of expansion
  • Mini-Journal shows current tasks
  • enhanced Ludwig Launcher
  • new savegame system
  • performance enhancements
  • new features in gamemenu (ESC)
New Savegames!
We had to change the coremechanic of the online savegame system in order to enable future updates on the system without any dataloss. Because of these major changes, the savegames created with version 0.1 are not valid anymore, so they have been removed from the server. We apologize for this one-time data loss and hope that you have fun with the enhanced version of Ludwig while restoring your old gamestate.
Your comments, suggestions or error-reports are welcome on http://getsatisfaction.com/ludwig!